WHO AM I ? ….inspired by all things

Allow me to introduce my self. my name is devonne ( pronounced, Devon )I am a mixed media artist whom is constantly finding things to create and constantly evolving. I am always digging out places to find unusual things
and flea markets, second-hand stores just to name a few. I love how things will deteriorate over time… it could be gears, wood, paint, there is a completely new understanding to change once that takes affect. and how it becomes weathered or if there’s a nice patina from it being out in the rain. I like old photographs, sepia tone, old black and white, Polaroid transfers, daguerreotypes, Tin-types etc. i love to garden, cook, travel, LOVE BOOKS, LOVE HARDWARE STORES ! I’m always eager to expand my photography and find the uncommon in something and make it a social piece, functional piece of art.

To keep up to date with my work:

check out my etsy page..I have been working on some new pieces !

myownstudio.com : look up Devonne ” photographic views from the eye ”

check out Artdoxa.com –  look up : devonnerossmedia

facebook : “photographic Language mixed media by devonne ross”

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