A new years resolution = a new freezer and hobby / craft / side business ?

Well after discussing it and financially discussing the PLUS side of it all… hubby and I decided to purchase
our first chest freezer ! And we couldn’t be happier. We’ve compared prices and really managed our grocery list each time at different stores…
we’ve gone to grab up the sales on meats, and other goods that happen to be on sale. This year were trying to be better about
coupons and as much as I’ve read about it… we’ve known a few families whom coupon and drive all over the map to located the best deals. 
I’m all for trying… and giving it a shot. We calculated and determined that we could save quite a bit each month. 
soooo… For now I’ve researched several recipes for making extra gluten free dough for baking breads, pies, and all the above and freezing it. researched several soup recipes and making quantities of stock and freezing vs purchasing canned or packaged.We are not keen on packaged foods and rarely buy a quantity of it. the occasional chips here and there…the occasional salsa, and other snack items. I try my best to make many things from scratch… instead of buying those box mixes.
So i raise my gluten free beer bottle tonight in celebration of purchasing a freezer and hunkering down on stocking up. 
Our other announcement in the news of this weekend is that I’m considering on some projects in the making…(((silverware jewelry)))
I youtubed some cool videos about the possibilities of making this a new craft / hobby /side business…
very excited and nervous at the same extent…
considered if any of the couple tries at this new craft look half way descent I shall post them on my esty page and have them for sale..
 I currently have some embellishments that I loaded a few days ago.. More to come !



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