New Roads Ahead

Happy to announce that I’ve been busy and making my summer a productive one.
Loading new pieces on etsy and unveiling some new pieces at the shop / studio in New Market Md.
I have plans to be a vendor at a great location in Leesburg VA ( the hummingbird nest )
So pleased to to have some furniture and vintage finds and some artwork that I’ve put together. Here’s to a great remainder of the summer ! I’ve had the liberty of brushing up with some awesome recipes: Gluten Free and Dairy free.
I have had some successful time in the studio too. The weather for the summer in maryland has rainy. So, there has been plenty of time inside studying the new craft and finding tutorials. I’ve recently been learning techniques in recycling wine bottles and beer bottles into drinking glasses. great idea for xmas presents. I’ll try and load some up for my etsy page when I get a chance. Check out my soldered photo hinged frames.

facebook page to see what’s new !
Photographic Language Mixed Media by: Devonne Ross

Keep Creating ~


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A new years resolution = a new freezer and hobby / craft / side business ?

Well after discussing it and financially discussing the PLUS side of it all… hubby and I decided to purchase
our first chest freezer ! And we couldn’t be happier. We’ve compared prices and really managed our grocery list each time at different stores…
we’ve gone to grab up the sales on meats, and other goods that happen to be on sale. This year were trying to be better about
coupons and as much as I’ve read about it… we’ve known a few families whom coupon and drive all over the map to located the best deals. 
I’m all for trying… and giving it a shot. We calculated and determined that we could save quite a bit each month. 
soooo… For now I’ve researched several recipes for making extra gluten free dough for baking breads, pies, and all the above and freezing it. researched several soup recipes and making quantities of stock and freezing vs purchasing canned or packaged.We are not keen on packaged foods and rarely buy a quantity of it. the occasional chips here and there…the occasional salsa, and other snack items. I try my best to make many things from scratch… instead of buying those box mixes.
So i raise my gluten free beer bottle tonight in celebration of purchasing a freezer and hunkering down on stocking up. 
Our other announcement in the news of this weekend is that I’m considering on some projects in the making…(((silverware jewelry)))
I youtubed some cool videos about the possibilities of making this a new craft / hobby /side business…
very excited and nervous at the same extent…
considered if any of the couple tries at this new craft look half way descent I shall post them on my esty page and have them for sale..
 I currently have some embellishments that I loaded a few days ago.. More to come !



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A New Year = More visits in the art studio

happy new year 2014!
it’s been forever since I sat down to write and blog. so many happenings. it’s a New year and yet again i am back at the
drawing board. I’ve considered on breaking out some new pieces of work which is some soldered pieces that i have 
added to my etsy shop name : devonnephotomedium

very thankful to start the year off right and make some more pieces of work and get inspired all over again. 
I’ve taken on some part time work in my evening which has kept me quite busy and i haven’t been in the studio to create. 
‘Tis a new year and I’m eager to try new things which have been on the back burner. 


 This is one of the many soldered pieces that i’ve been working. 
check out my etsy page ! i’ve got plenty more available !!!
Enjoy !

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Odd finds with a new start

So the past week has been interesting… Tag sales ! need i say more ….imagine for a moment… your walking through and not really giving two thoughts about what your doing there. You jump out of your skin for the strange and forgotten. I go home satisfied and yet the fulfillment is gazing over the eye dropping items that catch your fancy. In the back of our minds we can only tell where this purchase might go but we don’t let the excitement ruin the fun. so because I have come across more and more unusual finds. i give the items new homes. My house becomes a museum.

( literally )There are moments when collecting and stashing the  ( finder keepers ) i have the question for myself, ” what am i gonna do with this cool thing…?” or what if i just put it on a shelf and own it like a blue ribbon prize. There is correct way to to say it… I LOVE stuff.
so we all can agree that finding something for it’s uniqueness is great but why worry about what your gonna do with it and just smile. You’ve done good and that’s all that matters.

My lovely new items

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Snow day, cooking in the kitchen, extra time in the studio

Yay ! for another snow day I’ve spent the day fixing up some yummy delicious crock pot goodness and catching up in the studio. I’ve used my time wisely but like us all there is a time crunch… we all have that moment and ask ourselves why do i still have all this stuff not complete ? No worries though. I am making another pot of coffee and into the studio i go.
Does anyone else have great studio time at night or better during the day. I tend to think better and get more inspired at night. Plus I love blasting the itunes on the computer after a
LONG day. We can all agree just like having chocolate having a release and listening to music or maybe a audio book is the way to go to unwind.
Just heated up the soldering iron and away i go to make more art !

saw these lovely keyholes and had to share !
the sky is the limit to all the possibilities !Image

I shall return while in the studio and share what’s taking place.



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Art Happenings for Spring !!!

SO much is taking place in and out of the studio !!! Loading up on picture taking, organizing the workspace and diving more in depth with NEW IDEAS!
Happy to announce that my artwork can be seen at an upcoming event in Buckeystown MD
April 6 & 7. 2013. My tent is all ready to go and I’m working on my display and other goodies that will be for sale for the two day event. The location is on a beautiful property and there will be several other vendors to check out. A lovely barn exists on the property and its amazing because inside the barn are many other vendors and  t’s the home decor meca of shops !!! The next time your in Buckeystown MD its a must that you make a stop and check out Chartreuse & Co . Hours are posted on their website. They are open 3rd Fri-Sun of each month.

Looking forward to seeing you at
Chartreuse & Co. !


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A start to a new routine

I have promised myself since new years that each day i will try to accomplish at least
1 thing and feel complete and not look back. I have started each week with an easy meal in the crock pot. This evening i have put cajun seasoning, tomatoes, kidney beans, navy beans, black beans, and northern beans. if only you could smell the aroma… Oh my…
My husband and I have agreed that this spring we shall plant some new seeds and await the growth of herbs, vegetables and who knows what else. Declutter the clothes that we don’t wear and household items that could be donated. I’ve taken photos recently of my travels during the morning into work. It’s refreshing to take a glimpse to the start of the day.

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