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Making Better Choices for Life

A new month and the groundhog claims more weeks of winter. In and out of the studio, ending the
work day with a more positive outlook, more aware of new mediums and reading up on newly
discovered artists. A lot of change has taken place in the past few days since my last post.
My husband was recently put on a closely monitored diet because of
diabetes found through a blood test. But this is a new turning page for both of us. I have changed
my lifestyle to a gluten free one, which has beenĀ  ongoing for the past three years and now that
my husband has been informed to make some smart changes i am eager to learn how to
be more aware, more supportive. My mind is racing though. Just think of the colors
of fresh produce, the creativity of meals…
Life changes for the best cooking and enjoying food again but differently. My reasons for
going gluten free are endless and in my heart I know I chose the right direction. It’s hard to
make a complete change and dramatically cutting out and introducing new
foods, ingredients, etc. Good start to the new year. !!! But really i didn’t want this
whole post to just be about food and making healthier choices. But, recognizing what life gives you
and appreciating those new and unfamiliar things. Just like art it’s like studying a new medium.
I have found myself watching those cooking shows on Food Network and introducing
many ingredients that i would never consider but finding out that i love them and wanting more of it.
Most recently I was watching a show that Jamie Oliver whom i think is so dreamy did with the
Travel channel. Gave me good hopes and I immediately started making of list of yummy recipes that
just sounded too good to be true. It’s all about sacrifice and mind over matter. It’s will power and it
takes determination. It is not easy. But so worth it.

Now onto another topic. The end of the month of February is the America Craft Council
show and I’m doing back flips because this is a fabulous show that takes place in the inner
harbor of Baltimore Maryland. I highly recommend every person whom is in the Maryland
area to try and make this event.



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