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A virginia retreat

My mom just left for the annual Shrinemont Retreat located in Orkney Springs, Va.
I have several positive things to say about this place. It’s absolutely beautiful. I vacationed there with my husband and some good friends two years ago and it’s very tranquil. You are surrounded by beauty and country. I highly suggest a vineyard there that we frequented called, Cave Ridge Vineyards located in Mount Jackson, Va. Great selection of wine and great selection of cheese. My plan is to stay over for two nights this week and pay a visit.
The retreat is designed around taking some quiet time and catching up on some crafty projects. The cabin’s are located nestled in the woods and positioned along a resort near
Massanutten Ski Resort. You are not to far from Luray Caverns, which is a hot spot too.
Taking my camera and get some snapshots of this glorious place. Gotta visit the Holy Shrine too. Great times and great artists !


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