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Artomatic preparation

its day 5  since I started prepping and getting my space organized for Artomatic 2012, crystal city Va !

Very excited ! Check it out… !  your probably thinking and wondering and saying, ” why on earth am I collecting all these items for? ” just wait and keep wondering because I can take just about anything make it into something incredible. Being a mixed media artist has no limitations. I’m eager to try and combine something with something else and make it art.  Each artist has to make their display inviting and workable and safe.  I have got more and more ideas with each new day.
I’ve collected some cardboard boxes  and some spools which will be part of the display.
Cardboard is so versatile and sturdy. Attempting to assemble the arrangement tonight.
Staple gun ( check ) gorilla tape ( check ) ladder ( check )
hammer ( check ) and all the miscellaneous items that I’ve yet to consider packing.





cardboard boxes + my own inspiration = some incredible wall relief for my display


for the moment these look like just plain old cardboard boxes that would go into a bin for
recycling. Just wait though… these cardboard boxes will become some incredible shadow boxes for my work !



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artomatic my chosen space

I’ve chosen my space for Artomatic 2012 after spending two hours walking through the building and searching for the perfect spot. this will be incredible because it’s a completely different space from before, completely different building, and entirely different location.
Today I am spending close attention to what key things I want to include with my exhibit. I’m paying close attention to the amount of time for each piece and thinking about the installation.
Because the location is a good 50 minute commute it’s very important that I have what I need when I start transporting my materials. all in all I’m very excited and can’t wait for
Artomatic to begin !
here are some Pics of the wall space and this funky old fan that just happens to compliment the space so well… I decided to add it in with the exhibit.




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Artomatic 2012 weekend orientation

Today is orientation for Artomatic 2012. It’s taking place in Crystal City, Va. It’s all excitement for today
and tomorrow !!! my stomach is in knots and i’m sketching out some ideas for my space. I will get a tour of the building later this afternoon… I’m sooo anxious !!!!! From what i’ve read, spaces have been filling up and the array of artists / and their artwork submitted is incredible. I’ve got some ideas for my space. But got to keep it a secret. so stay tuned….I’m thinking a built-in installment. This event ( artomatic 2012 ) starts May 18, 2012 so I’ve got to get a move on this. I will post and update for all to check out the process as I step into this great opportunity. They are still looking for volunteers and artists and spaces are still available…

you can check me out in the artist catalog at Artomatic 2012 !!!!
go to artist catalog and type in : Devonne Ross



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I wear many hearts…

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I wear my many hearts…


This is the beginning stages of a necklace I’m currently working on.

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work in progress….


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NEW work for my ETSY page. ( IT’S ABOUT TIME ! )

its been ages since i updated my ETSY page and that is my focus for the remainder of spring. I’ve gotta complete some projects that have been put on hold and put on the island of forgotten art. hahahaha !  I have to make a day to day effort to complete some of what I started. between work, family related reasons, life and every other reason  ( THIS INCLUDES CLEANING AND DIGGING A PATH ) it’s not that bad but you get the point. I don’t exactly have a studio, I share a room with my husband that acts as a music room / art room. he has his guitars, amps, gig equipment, etc. Computer and printer on one side and shelves align the walls to act as a closet. Gotta love IKEA for the shelves..The amount of sun light in this room is fabulous ! I’m anxious to get ahead so i can start entering some work into some summer / fall submissions. Well with that being said, I invite you to check out my work as I upload it on Etsy. and my blog !

Enjoy !
My hope is to have several different categories on Etsy because there are many different mediums that I work in.
so again, thanks for being patient. I would love to hear your thoughts. this is a huge jump for me. I’ve been extremely busy and there is no excuse for anymore delay.

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