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Odd finds with a new start

So the past week has been interesting… Tag sales ! need i say more ….imagine for a moment… your walking through and not really giving two thoughts about what your doing there. You jump out of your skin for the strange and forgotten. I go home satisfied and yet the fulfillment is gazing over the eye dropping items that catch your fancy. In the back of our minds we can only tell where this purchase might go but we don’t let the excitement ruin the fun. so because I have come across more and more unusual finds. i give the items new homes. My house becomes a museum.

( literally )There are moments when collecting and stashing theĀ  ( finder keepers ) i have the question for myself, ” what am i gonna do with this cool thing…?” or what if i just put it on a shelf and own it like a blue ribbon prize. There is correct way to to say it… I LOVE stuff.
so we all can agree that finding something for it’s uniqueness is great but why worry about what your gonna do with it and just smile. You’ve done good and that’s all that matters.

My lovely new items


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