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A New Year = More visits in the art studio

happy new year 2014!
it’s been forever since I sat down to write and blog. so many happenings. it’s a New year and yet again i am back at the
drawing board. I’ve considered on breaking out some new pieces of work which is some soldered pieces that i have 
added to my etsy shop name : devonnephotomedium

very thankful to start the year off right and make some more pieces of work and get inspired all over again. 
I’ve taken on some part time work in my evening which has kept me quite busy and i haven’t been in the studio to create. 
‘Tis a new year and I’m eager to try new things which have been on the back burner. 


 This is one of the many soldered pieces that i’ve been working. 
check out my etsy page ! i’ve got plenty more available !!!
Enjoy !


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Art Happenings for Spring !!!

SO much is taking place in and out of the studio !!! Loading up on picture taking, organizing the workspace and diving more in depth with NEW IDEAS!
Happy to announce that my artwork can be seen at an upcoming event in Buckeystown MD
April 6 & 7. 2013. My tent is all ready to go and I’m working on my display and other goodies that will be for sale for the two day event. The location is on a beautiful property and there will be several other vendors to check out. A lovely barn exists on the property and its amazing because inside the barn are many other vendors and  t’s the home decor meca of shops !!! The next time your in Buckeystown MD its a must that you make a stop and check out Chartreuse & Co . Hours are posted on their website. They are open 3rd Fri-Sun of each month.

Looking forward to seeing you at
Chartreuse & Co. !


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Soldered Framed Photos

Tuesdays in the studio

Tuesday= very successful, productive in every way, inspired and feeling great
this evening ! Sharing some ideas and some great ways to showcase my photographs. I am showcasing these photos at my exhibit, ARTOMATIC  in Crystal City, Va. Soldering photos can been a great way to frame them and idealistic way instead of just placing them in a frame on the wall.  Eager to get back into the studio…


Studio Time on Tuesday

I am pleased to show some soldered work that I’ve been adding to my photography. These photos are my own. I have such a broad range of subject matter that I photograph. There is endless possibilities with these pieces of work. The size of  the images are 2×2 inches. Lead-free solder, protected with a 2×2 cut glass.  I will be posting these up for sale on my page which I’ve been editing, updating for the past 6 months…It has taken some late nights and so much focus with my busy schedule to set aside some down time to get my work on Etsy. Every week I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to posting some new work. ~Thanks for your patience~

Enjoy ! Feel free to ask any questions



Appointment 2×2


Roadside 2×2







Piano Conversation 2×2






Country Road 2×2







Sunday drive 2×2

Abandoned 2×2

Urban 2×2




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art exhibit + interview = success !

The month of may is almost to a close. It has been an incredible couple of weeks during this month. many prospects taking place. Let me first start this post by saying, I am so thankful. I attended the opening for Artomatic 2012 crystal city Virginia and it was magnificent. There was a great following this past Friday May 18, 2012. I drove into downtown Crystal City, Va with a smile from ear to ear, eager to meet and greet with the public eye, and meet up with my brother and several other close friends whom made the trip to see the event. The evening went splendid. I couldn’t be more pleased with my installation. I am downloading some of the photos from the grand opening this past weekend and should have them up and on view by late afternoon. I am excited to announce that shortly after dinner last night I checked my email and a lovely person by the name of Tammy Vitale contacted me. Tammy is a blogger and just happened to see my installation and wanted to interview me and discuss my installation. i sat back in the sofa and turned to my husband and just smiled. YAY !!!! I am so thrilled !  i am excited to do an interview and eager to see what lies ahead. This is a huge stepping stone for me because, this will be my second time participating in Artomatic and I have met some very talented artists. I believe everything happens for a reason.

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