A wish for a *bride*to*be A wedding-in-the-making!

The Month of May came and went. The first week of June has been a roller coaster but worth it.
I had the opportunity to be interviewed regarding my space at Artomatic located this year in
Crystal City, Va. The opportunity couldn’t be better timing. The lovely person / artist, Tammy Vitale whom asked for my interview is a Blogger whom attends the Artomatics . Stay tuned for the interview, I should have it posted within the next few days ! On another side note I have been helping a good friend, Amanda get the finishing touches for her Big Day (wedding#bride to be !!! ) Having been married and all that goes into it, I never thought i would say this but if I could do it all over again, I would have asked for an extra year just to have things ready. hahaha ! wishful thinking right ??? There is a list that we follow and check off…decorations, the cake, the guest list, the flowers, food, music etc. I am enjoying myself while planning and helping finish the tasks for Amanda’s special day. We are down to a week and I’ve given myself a project each day. But I couldn’t be happier for the lovely couple. The location is rustic and outdoors and sounds perfect for a late June wedding. Colors are pastels. will keep you all posted : )


center pieces in the making
a little elbow grease and some (stone texture )acrylic spray


texture effect on bottles


lovely paper selection for the banner


paper selection for the banner


embellished papers for Banner


container for table setting / center piece


stenciling the letters for the Banner


Cording for Banner

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