Soldered Framed Photos

Tuesdays in the studio

Tuesday= very successful, productive in every way, inspired and feeling great
this evening ! Sharing some ideas and some great ways to showcase my photographs. I am showcasing these photos at my exhibit, ARTOMATIC  in Crystal City, Va. Soldering photos can been a great way to frame them and idealistic way instead of just placing them in a frame on the wall.  Eager to get back into the studio…


Studio Time on Tuesday

I am pleased to show some soldered work that I’ve been adding to my photography. These photos are my own. I have such a broad range of subject matter that I photograph. There is endless possibilities with these pieces of work. The size of  the images are 2×2 inches. Lead-free solder, protected with a 2×2 cut glass.  I will be posting these up for sale on my page which I’ve been editing, updating for the past 6 months…It has taken some late nights and so much focus with my busy schedule to set aside some down time to get my work on Etsy. Every week I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to posting some new work. ~Thanks for your patience~

Enjoy ! Feel free to ask any questions



Appointment 2×2


Roadside 2×2







Piano Conversation 2×2






Country Road 2×2







Sunday drive 2×2

Abandoned 2×2

Urban 2×2




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