art exhibit + interview = success !

The month of may is almost to a close. It has been an incredible couple of weeks during this month. many prospects taking place. Let me first start this post by saying, I am so thankful. I attended the opening for Artomatic 2012 crystal city Virginia and it was magnificent. There was a great following this past Friday May 18, 2012. I drove into downtown Crystal City, Va with a smile from ear to ear, eager to meet and greet with the public eye, and meet up with my brother and several other close friends whom made the trip to see the event. The evening went splendid. I couldn’t be more pleased with my installation. I am downloading some of the photos from the grand opening this past weekend and should have them up and on view by late afternoon. I am excited to announce that shortly after dinner last night I checked my email and a lovely person by the name of Tammy Vitale contacted me. Tammy is a blogger and just happened to see my installation and wanted to interview me and discuss my installation. i sat back in the sofa and turned to my husband and just smiled. YAY !!!! I am so thrilled !  i am excited to do an interview and eager to see what lies ahead. This is a huge stepping stone for me because, this will be my second time participating in Artomatic and I have met some very talented artists. I believe everything happens for a reason.

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