Artomatic preparation

its day 5  since I started prepping and getting my space organized for Artomatic 2012, crystal city Va !

Very excited ! Check it out… !  your probably thinking and wondering and saying, ” why on earth am I collecting all these items for? ” just wait and keep wondering because I can take just about anything make it into something incredible. Being a mixed media artist has no limitations. I’m eager to try and combine something with something else and make it art.  Each artist has to make their display inviting and workable and safe.  I have got more and more ideas with each new day.
I’ve collected some cardboard boxes  and some spools which will be part of the display.
Cardboard is so versatile and sturdy. Attempting to assemble the arrangement tonight.
Staple gun ( check ) gorilla tape ( check ) ladder ( check )
hammer ( check ) and all the miscellaneous items that I’ve yet to consider packing.





cardboard boxes + my own inspiration = some incredible wall relief for my display


for the moment these look like just plain old cardboard boxes that would go into a bin for
recycling. Just wait though… these cardboard boxes will become some incredible shadow boxes for my work !


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