NEW work for my ETSY page. ( IT’S ABOUT TIME ! )

its been ages since i updated my ETSY page and that is my focus for the remainder of spring. I’ve gotta complete some projects that have been put on hold and put on the island of forgotten art. hahahaha !  I have to make a day to day effort to complete some of what I started. between work, family related reasons, life and every other reason  ( THIS INCLUDES CLEANING AND DIGGING A PATH ) it’s not that bad but you get the point. I don’t exactly have a studio, I share a room with my husband that acts as a music room / art room. he has his guitars, amps, gig equipment, etc. Computer and printer on one side and shelves align the walls to act as a closet. Gotta love IKEA for the shelves..The amount of sun light in this room is fabulous ! I’m anxious to get ahead so i can start entering some work into some summer / fall submissions. Well with that being said, I invite you to check out my work as I upload it on Etsy. and my blog !

Enjoy !
My hope is to have several different categories on Etsy because there are many different mediums that I work in.
so again, thanks for being patient. I would love to hear your thoughts. this is a huge jump for me. I’ve been extremely busy and there is no excuse for anymore delay.

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