Mosaic Madness for the Yard

I have almost completed tiling the kitchen. My husband keeps asking when will I finish and I feel like I’ve completed a marathon. This project is not a simple one nor can I just snap my fingers and say “It’s done” because there are many other  ( fixing up projects ) that need to be tackled. We purchased the house this past yr.
I decided to recycle the tiles that were remaining from the kitchen that I didn’t use and use them in a mosaic that will go in our backyard. Like most backyards you see and in vision for your own, we have our ideal one in mind don’t we ? Having a backyard that is tranquil is a must. My ideal backyard would have a nice little patio area and many, many plants. Mosaic tiles or even just little step stones is just another little addition to the many ideas that one hopes for their ” Fantasy Yard ” I know in my heart it will never be the perfect yard nor the ideal one that doesn’t have a bee’s nest or birds nest…  just happens to be near our shed. It’s funny to hear about all the great discoveries that tend to surprise others and their backyard or even front yard. One thing I’ll never understand that brings great insanity for early mornings on weekends…is our neighbors that live directly behind us mow their yard early morning before the sun comes up.  I can hear them around 5:00 – 6:00 am  Is this crazy or what ??? please share with me why this is so urgent to do in the AM. I haven’t opened my eyes nor do i care to listen to a motor raging around the property… Please go back to sleep and leave your yard alone…

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  1. #1 by Amanda on 2012/03/27 - 5:48

    Last I saw your kitchen it was well on its way to beautiful so I can’t wait to see it again! Can’t wait for real summer- I’ll bring out the kiddie pool and we can garden and landscape while Eddie splashes! 🙂

  2. #2 by devonnerossartmedia on 2012/03/28 - 5:48

    I have been a busy woman !!! hahahahaha ! I feel everywhere i turn i tend to
    start a new project and then move on to the next. Busy bee : ) I can’t wait for summer too ! I’ve been collecting some flower pots ( different colors, various sizes which are great to start some herbs in. ) I have to get down the routine of the tomato plants. second trial run. Eddie is more than welcome to play in the yard and
    well make room for the kiddie pool ! I am anxious to try these citronella candles !!!

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