Preston brothers band banner

A new Project = many possibilities….

I’m considering on making band banners and selling them. There is quite a bit of planning
that goes into designing one. so this was definitely some good practice.
I decided to design a banner for my husband whom is in a band called, The Preston Brothers Band, based out of Frederick Md. The Preston Brothers Band consist of two musicians, Greg Ross and Bob Magers. Occasionally they bring in other musicians which consist of drums, acoustic, horns, you get the point. I was anxious to
do a favor and make this banner and age the appearance to give it that old circus banner look. I’m still trying to master it. But thought I’d share what i ended up with.

Enjoy !
Hope to see you at a show sometime in the future.
Check out downtown Frederick Md  for listings of performances.
The Preston Brothers Band  just recently performed at The Cellar Door in downtown frederick MD.  The preston brothers will be playing at Barefoot Bernies in Hagerstown Md.  Friday March 23rd !


measures 6ft tall


Used an array of tea bags and an assortment of dye and just experimented
on scraps of canvas till i did the final thing.


adding in more acrylic paints to fine line areas


Distressed Paints and Pigments on canvas


securing a dowel on the end to make it easier to roll up and store.

Let me know what you think ?
stay tuned !  i will be making some more banners.

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  1. #1 by P. Graham on 2012/03/23 - 5:48

    Measures 6ft tall? WOW that is insane! Looks amazing though! Awesome job, keep it up. I’m sure they will sell well 🙂

  2. #2 by devonnerossartmedia on 2012/03/27 - 5:48

    Thanks ! it was so much work but well deserved. I have already discussed some
    commissioned work with another band. I’ve told myself I must put aside two weeks so i have that extra cushion to prep and re-prep anything.

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