Artomatic in Crystal City VA !

Just announced and quite excited about this news. Artomatic which is an event that
i participated in last year is happening again. This spring the event is taking place in
Crystal City Va. I am super stoked. Last year was very successful and i made some great contacts.
I’m looking forward to checking out the building and choosing my space. I will also be participating
in an event Called Fun- A- Day which will be taking place in Baltimore
this February. Check back for details.

i’ll leave you with some great finds and share what I’ve come across for some inspiration !!


great piece for some mixed media projects in the works !



clocks ( gonna use these for some upcoming projects )



prisma color pencils ! ohhh la la !!!



findings for some new projects



copic markers



wonderful selection of brush markers


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  1. #1 by Manda on 2012/01/18 - 5:48


    • #2 by devonnerossartmedia on 2012/01/21 - 5:48

      I know right ! excited, smiling from ear to ear !!! I am brainstorming what I would make, transporting materials etc.

  2. #3 by Beauty's of Life on 2012/04/10 - 5:48

    Wow loved the old look and feel of the clocks! Nice blog!

    • #4 by devonnerossartmedia on 2012/04/10 - 5:48

      Thanks ! i love collecting them !!! So many uses, so many ideas…

    • #5 by devonnerossartmedia on 2012/04/16 - 5:48

      thanks ! My background page on my blog is trees that i photographed in Princeton Nj during the winter. The clocks are great for wall decor… found them at Pier 1 imports. se second hand stores are great too !!! I collect clocks and old gears and such… stay tuned ; )

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