old building but let’s call it beautiful

beautiful building but with charm and elegance. i was captivated by the deterioration and the age of the building. every room was filled with memory for any student that set foot in this building. what I found really cool was there was a wall behind the stage in the auditorium which had signatures of those that attended dating back to 1945.









  1. #1 by Carmen Faroudja Bruce on 2011/12/14 - 5:48

    nice angles…….I love these old houses & especially in Sepia photography, even this one looks a little creepy.
    But they have charm and mystery in one and whisper their stories into our ears at night…if you love old building with history you will NEED to make a trip to Germany or Europe in general, which you probably already did 🙂
    the link i send you is a town i lived a couple of years in..check it out..i am sure you gonna love it…….http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/display/23159141… Hattingen has a history that goes back to 1396…..and these houses are alive.
    because of the wood & mud constructions they move and the walls will change period….
    Here in America I love the Victorian style houses which we will hopefully see in May on a trip to Kentucky 🙂
    Keep up the art Devonne…

    • #2 by devonnerossartmedia on 2011/12/14 - 5:48

      Thank you so much!!!! that compliment goes deep. actually I have not been to Germany. I have visited family in England though. I love the european architecture. I will check out the link you posted. someday I shall visit more of Europe ; )

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