Artomatic Frederick Md = Success !!!

I am happy to share that Artomatic Frederick Md has been a huge success ! I am overjoyed to see new artists and new work at hands reach. The opening night of September 28th was memorable for my sake because, I felt a love within the walls.  I am eager to see what the next two weeks at Artomatic bring. Artomatic brought in over 5000 visitors to the frederick md area. I think this event is remarkable for frederick md. I am a frederick Md Resident and pleased to see the amount of traffic for such a quaint town. Each floor of the renitvated building was used beautifully. If you haven’t attended Artomatic, put aside some free time to check it out. There is live music each week. There are live drawing sessions too. We have auctions, Artist market days. The event is followed with a closing meet and greet the artists on November 5, 2011. Would love to see you there.My work is displayed in the basement hallway.  my built in installation is beautifully illuminated and there is a green comment book awaiting your thoughts.

~ Dev

  1. #1 by Bette on 2011/10/31 - 5:48

    Devonne – your display is by far a work of ART and in my opinion the best dispay at Artomatic. Your true inner self is shown in your display!

  2. #2 by devonnerossartmedia on 2011/11/01 - 5:48

    awwww ! thanks bette ! that means so much to me. Coming from an artist like yourself . i dont’ think words can describe… but ART can. I loved your display, Colorful, very happy ! vibrant, reminded me of the rainforest. I’m so proud to say i was there when you began your paper series. I am so proud to say that i was there during a weekend of fun and self expression ! The beginning stages of using Adirondack inks, paper, sponges, stamps, paste…. the list continues. You have been a great art influence and great friend and I’m looking forward to more ARTOMATIC events. !!!! your display was inviting and your journals always seem to fascinate me. there is so much time and effort put into each one of them. I would love to put together a time and learn how to enamel which again, you are so good at. I wanna learn !!!!!

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