Philadelphia Decay

Just returned from Philadelphia and took some time to visit with some good friends from college days. I took an array of photo’s which were interesting to the eyes because of the architectural detail and design . I figured at some point these images could be transformed into something but I don’t know what yet. Just had the joy of taking the initiative of going up to the city and didn’t realize all sorts of time has passed since i last visited.  loved how overcast each day was and every few minutes it would have a streak of sun for a bit and then hide. I loved passing through the neighborhoods which have not changed. Passed by
by old apartment and noticed many new shopping centers that have gone in the place of what used to be graffiti covered walls and broken window store fronts. in a way it was sad to think back how much change has taken place. I’ve promised myself and the college friends whom still currently live in center city we will stay in touch and not let time get in the way. here are some images of some detail that i just love in these finds. The wooden tray is just perfect for several detail projects. The frames have small detail around the edge.

  1. #1 by Tim on 2011/04/12 - 5:48

    I love this. Thank you Devonne 🙂

    • #2 by devonnerossartmedia on 2011/04/16 - 5:48

      thanks for visiting my blog ! just getting started on here ! check back frequently. Trying to download my pictures of my projects, and day to date findings. Just recently purchased an antique mirror which has so many possibilities. what are your interests ?

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